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Valentine’s Day DIY Decorations

Valentine’s Day DIY Decorations by April Erhard, DIY Blogger

I love decorating for the holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception. I was walking around Big Lots the other day and found some old Christmas decorations that were on super clearance at 80% off. They were just around the corner from the Valentine’s wreaths and decorations at full price. That is when I came up with the idea of making a heart wreath out of red clearance Christmas balls. It was so easy and my daughter loves staring at it. I plan to use it next year during Christmas as well. but with a Christmas ribbon. Happy crafting this Valentine’s Day DIY Decoration.

  Valentine's Day Decoration DIY

Supplies and Tools for Valentine’s Day DIY Decorations:

  • Cardboard box or just large piece of card board
  • Knife and/or Scissors
  • 5 Boxes of Small Red Plastic Christmas Balls
  • Mod Podge
  • Ribbon
  • Dark Color Sharpie or Marker

Valentines Day Craft

Instructions for Valentine’s Day DIY Decorations:

  1. Use a sharpie to draw heart on the card board about the size of a large wreath or whatever size tickles your fancy. Don’t worry, it does not have to be perfect.
  2. Using the scissors and the serrated kitchen knife to cut out the heart. I started with the scissors and ended up using the knife mostly. You really only need knife.
  3. Cut 2 holes in the back top of the heart to string the ribbon through. You can do it before you glue the Christmas balls on. I did not and it was pain to get the ribbon through after the balls were on.
  4. Take the hook portion off the red plastic Christmas balls.
  5. Use the Mod Podge to glue the red Christmas Balls down to the card board. I pointed the hook entry portion downwards so that you cannot see it. This makes it look more like Valentine’s Day decoration rather than a Christmas Decoration.
  6. I let the first layer of balls dry overnight before adding a second layer on top to cover the card board. Add a second layer of balls to cover the cardboard spots. Let the project dry for 3 days before hanging.

Valentine's Day Decor


  • I would not recommend using this Valentine’s Wreath outside as it is not made of items that will withstand moisture.
  • I have seen people use a hot glue gun for a similar project and that might be more water-resistant.
  • If you do not have enough Christmas balls to make 2 layers, paint the cardboard red or string red garland in between.

Valentine's DIY


Happy Crafting!

About the author: April is a Wife, Mother, Real Life Fashionista in South Florida with a passion for life, fashion, beauty and family. She loves writing, taking photos, getting dolled up, playing with puppy, Harrison Ford and spending time with my hubby and new baby daughter.