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DIY: Miu Miu Inspired Glitter Booties

As I was looking at the snap-shots of the Fall 2011 runway, I decided that I must have the Miu Miu Glitter Bootie! Once the sparkle ankle booties were released on Bergdorf.com with a price tag of $890.00, I immediately concluded that I would have to stop eating during the Fall in order to get them by winter!

Instead of skipping meals until New Years, I started looking everywhere for a bootie sandal mix that would allow the inspiration to be obvious. I was on the verge of covering an entire ankle boot with glitter when I stumbled upon these bootie-esque t-straps at the local $8.88 shoe store. The place was a mad house and I will be finding glitter in my carpet until New Years, but it was all worth it.

how i wore it

About the author: April is a Wife, Mother, Real Life Fashionista in South Florida with a passion for life, fashion, beauty and family. She loves writing, taking photos, getting dolled up, playing with puppy, Harrison Ford and spending time with my hubby and new baby daughter.

  • http://blog.cessoviedo.com CessOviedo

    Wow you’ve done an amazing job! I actually like your better than Miu mius cause they are more wearable, second look is flawless!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  • http://www.astylizedhysteria.com a stylized hysteria

    I really, really love your version (and the simple outfit you paired them with)!

  • Jennifer

    Sooo cute!!! I am going to try this!! 


    • http://www.aprilgolightly.com Aprilgolightly

      Thanks! I want to see them when you do! Send me pictures and feel free to send me any questions that you have as you make the glitter booties. :)